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About Prosperity HR Systems

From the beginning, Prosperity Human Resource Systems mission has been to provide companies and individuals services that help them achieve their primary objectives and goals. In essence, drive individuals and companies to a more prosperous future. Hence the name Prosperity.

Once this path was envisioned, we set a course of training and developing a staff of professionals, a staff of industry leaders most capable in helping companies and individuals work towards their goals. We believe a staff of helpful, pleasant people with good listening skills is key.

We are a team who:

  • interviewed more than 25,000 people face-to-face
  • focus on technical and management professionals
  • placed thousands of people across many industries throughout the United States

We leverage the most up-to-date technologies in our industry to create true win-win-win scenarios for all concerned. Indeed, prosperity for all involved. Prosperity for your career, prosperity for your company and prosperity for our firm, too. You can leverage our team, skills and technology to consistently find the best available talent for your firm or the best available position for your career. Meanwhile, we''ll retain our drive to be the best recruiting organization in our industry. Prosperity Human Resource Systems, Inc. is constantly working to improve our organizational effectiveness, deepen our resources and enhance our technical capabilities to serve the needs of all we do business with.