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Our mission for employers is to provide the best talent in the marketplace at any given time, helping your organization find the key people that you agree meets your requirements. We expect that you will find us to be amazingly responsive and engaged in filling your needs. Our goal is always to match people who are committed to excellence in their career with organizations that are committed to excellence in their industry.  Submit Your Position Description

Fees and Pricing

Prosperity primarily works with a Contingency Fee arrangement. This way, your firm only pays for our services when we are successful in finding the candidate you feel meets your requirements. Our Standard fee is 25% of the first year base salary up $100,000 per year in first year income. For positions over $100,000 in first year base salary, our fee is 30%. (For Example: A first year base salary of $60,000 would equal a fee for our services of $15,000 which is 25% of $60,000) We do not charge additionally for bonuses or incentives in first year compensation. Lower fees may be arranged by your firm with a commitment to volume of placements, a non-refundable retainer, and/or exclusivity.


We will guarantee the Free replacement of any candidate we place with your firm for 60 days after their start date for all performance related areas of employment. Cutbacks or lay-offs due to lack of work do not apply to our guarantee. If your firm pays the fee within 30 days of the employee start date which are the standard terms of payment with our firm, the guarantee is extended to 90 days after start date and if we do not refill the position in 60 days, we will extend a full credit of the fee towards the placement of one of our candidates on the next position that you indicate you would like our assistance on.


All Permanent Fees are payable 30 days after the start date of our candidate. We always include a 4/10 Net discount on all Standard Fees when we receive payment within 10 days of the new hires start date. On a $15,000 fee, that would equal a $600.00 discount.